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Ever wanted to be a gangster?

Gangster Game is just what it says on the box (if we had one).

Gangster Game is a "text based" multiplayer multiplayer browser game, which anyone who has an Internet connection can play easily.

When you create a player account on Gangster Game, you jump straight in to the cruel mafia world of crime, murder and respect.

You will:
Find new friends throughout the world, make alliances with powerful and respected mobsters, and no doubt make many enemies along the way.

You will:
Spend many hours in the casino's, travelling the world, stealing cars and plotting to kill other mobsters in the game.

You will:
Steal powerful and expensive cars, just so you can race them with your friends for cash.

You will:
Hire, arm, name and train your bodyguards to protect you when bullets come your way.

You will:
See your friends killed in action, and mourn their loss.

You will:
Find your way to the top of the mafia world.

You will:
Will have fun.

You will register to play Gangster Game, and find out what your life would have been like if you had chosen differently.

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