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A Fine Institution

The downside of any mafia career is that you will end up spending some of your time locked up.

For each crime you commit, you draw more attention (heat) towards yourself.

The more heat you have following you around, the more likely it is that the cops will catch you red-handed.

If you're caught, you will be locked away.

Depending on what crime you have committed and how notorious a gangster you are, you will spend more or less time in jail, this is also true with the (sometimes large) fines you must pay if you want to leave jail early.

There are 4 ways to leave prison in any city:

  -  Get busted out by another mobster
  -  Pay your fine and be released early
  -  Have a friend pay your fine
  -  Pay your fine and be released early
  -  Wait out your stretch and learn your lesson
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