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Murder your Enemies!

You're not a gangster until you have blood on your hands.

There's always a few bullets flying around in Gangster Game, but its wise to make sure none of them are heading your way.

In order to kill another gangster you will need serveral things:

  -  A weapon
  -  Bullets
  -  The location of your target

To find out which city your target is hiding in, you will need to visit the detective agency and hire detectives to hunt him or her down.

Once you have the location of your target, simply visit the city, aim your weapon, and pull the trigger!

If you've done your homework, your enemy will be lying in a pool of blood in no time at all.

If you've been overly hasty, or your target is somewhat more powerful than you expected, it could well be you who ends up "lying in chalk".

Every time someone is killed in Gangster Game, there is a witness. A witness statement is randomly generated, explaining who killed who, and is then sent directly to the player who saw the dirty deed.

If you have a witness statement you have a few choices:

  -  Keep quiet
  -  Tell everyone about it
  -  Bribe the killer
  -  Auction it at the Auction House

If you're unlucky enough to be at the recieving end of too many bullets, you will no doubt find yourself dead, and needing to create another account. With a bit of luck you have some high ranking friends who will find out who murdered you, and then help you get your revenge!

Nobody ever said life was easy!

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