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Friends are Forever. Alliances are for Eternity.

For those who have money, power, respect and ambition there's only one way to find your way to the top:

Create your own Crime Ring.

A Crime Ring is an organised alliance of up to 400 gangsters who work together to create wealth, kill enemies and aquire power and respect from the mafia world.

Each Crime Ring is divided in to regimes which hold up to 20 gangsters at a time.

Regimes are the core of any Crime Ring, as a small gang they aquire wealth and bullets for the Crime Ring, allowing it to grow and increase its dominance over other mobsters.

There are up to 3 main bosses of a Crime Ring, including the "Don" who decides who to recruit, where to spend money and how to divide the vast bullet supplies within the alliance.

In additon any Crime Ring can hire a car "crusher". A car "crusher" allows stolen cars to be broken down and converted in to bullets.

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