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 Original Post by: Chief 

6/Jan/18, 12:35
Well what can I say? It's been a while eh?

So it's been so long since the game was last online that I've decided to make it live again today. The new features are very minimal however there has been masses of changes to the dynamics of the game and hopefully players will notice the difference.

So why have we launched with no new features? Well they simply aren't ready yet and I don't want to add another half baked feature to the game.

When the new features are ready they will be added to the game seamlessly and they won't impact the dynamics or players in any way, they will simply be new things to do.

Anyway, have fun and as usual, if you spot any issues or want to talk to us, raise a support ticket

6/Jan/18, 14:34
He put GG back because I pushed him to

7/Jan/18, 14:22
Sad I lost a BTL acc last reset oh well time to do it again
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