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 Original Post by: Chief 

11/Feb/18, 14:03
Here at Gangster Game we've had a huge influx of money since we re-started the lottery so we decided to spend some of that money to re-develop our state of the art Jail Bots.

You can now find them in a city jail near you, just watch your arse

11/Feb/18, 14:09
Thanks. Just noticed Jailbot in the city im in Now we get to bust out more!

11/Feb/18, 14:15
Stop thinking of gay thoughts Chief.

11/Feb/18, 14:18
Always happy thoughts here at GG HQ

Unfortunately for you though, that deprived sex starved mind of yours can't help think about a good bumming. It's OK though, GG is open to that community, we don't discriminate here.

11/Feb/18, 14:34
I prefer having a sex starved mind than thinking of gay thoughts like yourself lmao

11/Feb/18, 14:37
I'm genuinely surprised you even know what sex is, one day, with luck, you'll lose your virginity but until that day comes, enjoy your wank bank

11/Feb/18, 14:45
Oh I know what a lot of things are

Don't worry about me, I'm a handsome charming sexy motherfucker

Not everyone relies on Luck like yourself
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