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 Original Post by: WinterSoldier 

27/Feb/18, 14:30
Killing a innocent woman Adorable who was new. Killing the game off, just like my enemies done and are doing.

This pussy denied it like a fucking bitch on Kik until I said he was the only one in range online.

Only because I was banned for 2 days, the pussy thought he could get away with doing evil on GG.

You fucking pussy, don't you know that I am the Protector, Master, Dominator, Controller, Beloved of Women? I'm in charge bitches.

A fucking pussy killing innocents and won't let new players play.

We was friends but your tyranny and evil against women will be punished by the Greatest Hero Women Ever had. Slimz the King.

He probably with Mach/Sal/Stewie slaves, All whom I fucking destroyed this round for their evil.

So let the weak men lick em!

Got my girl Adorable's back. Fuck Lunatic the weird pussy.

27/Feb/18, 14:36
If I shall die for this cause,
I will die a Tragic Hero.

Defending women was my downfall.

I'm the real nice guy bitches!

27/Feb/18, 15:18
Another chapter of slimz diary

" I been watching while banned " ... Such a sick cunt

27/Feb/18, 22:07
I just threw up a little

28/Feb/18, 0:12
Omg boy your delusional beyond belive

28/Feb/18, 0:30
Haters Gonna Hate.

28/Feb/18, 18:25
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