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 Original Post by: HJ198HJ198 

8/Mar/18, 23:30
This game is dead, All thanks to chief for killing it Should have left the game how it was before you rudely took it offline for the month or so while done no updates to the game, Only update he manage to do was lose good players.Well folks I'm done with the game, Come kill me if you can I'll be waiting with my backfire, P.S. Thanks for the position 1 with only 18 Million

9/Mar/18, 0:47
Lol dam sucks to hear

9/Mar/18, 1:24
Give me that 18million.

You owe me it for unloyalty to the Empire m8.

Not my fault Stewie got manhandled by a girl.

9/Mar/18, 9:02

9/Mar/18, 21:14
Problem with many games (not talking directly to GG) is that the Admins usually get involved and nerf the best players.

Most games I played. I've always been nerfed by Admins due to being too good. Been pulling Great victories while outnumbered then Admins get involved and make some changes or ban me or some shit happened on a few games.

If you are too good then Admins just cut you off. That's just happened to me though since I'm special.
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