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 Original Post by: Shine_Bag 

16/Mar/18, 21:19
Everyone knows that Angel-X really runs GG. WinterSoldier takes his orders from her. He is merely a pawn. He has been her servant ever since she defeated him multiple times. He likes to pretend that he is really in charge but we all know what he really is.

I'd like to say hello to Angel-X (GG misses you) and would like to humbly ask you to keep your pet dog under control as he is exposing his fearful cowardice without you here to keep him on his lead. Thank you and goodnight.

16/Mar/18, 21:21
She never killed me once.

While she killed you.

Shut the fuck up.

We all know who's in charge between us.

16/Mar/18, 21:25
She kept you alive as a pet to play with. Everyone knows you were powerless to retaliate while she terrorised you and Crime Ring for months and months. Angel-X destroyed you m8

16/Mar/18, 21:33
She never did anything but fail on me repeatedly as she was raging cuz I ignored and was detached from her back then

I survived 13 total attempts, survived 640k on one attempt, dropped tons and stewies cr too. Admin had to kill me to stop me came back as Batman and stacked 13 kills on the enemies and survived till end of round

Stop raging out of your arse cuz she dropped you and not me.

16/Mar/18, 21:35
14 total attacks* not attempts all on 1 account.

Survived 9 shooters at once

Best player ever

16/Mar/18, 21:36
Last time I checked it was your Crime Ring that was destroyed and not hers.

I believe she won m8

16/Mar/18, 21:36
Oh. Need to make this really fucking clear for your retarded brain

I never take orders from her or listen to her. We fall out like every hour.

Stop lying because she killed you.

Get back to cutting grass boy

16/Mar/18, 21:37
Chief adminkilled me and took down my ring you idiot. No player didn't do shit to me

You are a complete moron.

16/Mar/18, 21:38
Why are you ignoring the fact that her Crime Ring outlasted yours making her the victor? Can't handle the truth about your defeat at the hands of your new owner?

16/Mar/18, 21:39
Even woody had to desucc Raven in my ring etc then chief took it down.

16/Mar/18, 21:40
Well I can't fight against Admins you complete thick cunt stop hating on the best

16/Mar/18, 21:47
The Admin Team only stepped in to put you out of your misery because the annihilation of your (one man) Crime Ring was so bad.

16/Mar/18, 21:50
Nah. Admins also stepped in two rounds ago when I was WinterSoldier. After my revolution against pot then killing Sal and defeating his slaves, I was adminkilled and banned for a year.

I'm just special

16/Mar/18, 21:59
You're very special.
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