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 Original Post by: WinterSoldier 

16/Mar/18, 21:54
Bitchboy reaching the beta level of Tony LOL

From: Shine_Bag
Sent: March 16, 2018, 9:44 pm
Subject: RE: None

I enjoyed every second of it.

Your trying to make yourself feel better as khalesi killed you LOL M8



16/Mar/18, 22:03
I enjoyed it when she killed me.

When she destroyed your Crime Ring though: You smashed half of your furnishings. kicked your cat (Whiskers) half way across the living room and broke down crying in the corner.

Let me lick em!

16/Mar/18, 22:05

16/Mar/18, 22:06
Bal the weak male

16/Mar/18, 22:08
You're mumbling br0

16/Mar/18, 22:09
Are you begging the admins to ban me again m8?

16/Mar/18, 22:11
They messaging me actually. Have you been crying?

16/Mar/18, 22:14
I never begged them before as well.

Chief just banned you after you said u wanted to fight me irl. I never cried to anyone. He saw it then banned you. You was raging hard after Khalesi killed you

I used to be a boxer and still train once in awhile. What the fuck can you do to me?

16/Mar/18, 22:18
Used to be a boxer? What happened? Did you get knocked the fuck out?

16/Mar/18, 22:25
What's the point of fussing over old beef settle it who ever ends up in the graveyard couldn't back up there speech

16/Mar/18, 22:29
Tell that to WinterSoldier... He has been repeat killing people over and over. I respect the old ways but he lives consumed by fear.

Has he had me killed this version? No.

So why do I say anything? Because it has become pathetic to watch people ranking just to be killed by this fearful lunatic. The Macbeth complex is real within this one. Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble.


16/Mar/18, 22:36
You fucking retarded?

It's called war with my enemies. No fear involved. It's war and I'm just winning at it.

They started it, I finished it.

16/Mar/18, 22:37
You're the only one playing at it though. Nobody else has bothered coming back this version.

If Angel-X made a return you'd be dealt with in no time m8

16/Mar/18, 22:41
There's 66 deaths and 7 online. Keep talking shit and lying because you are retarded as fuck

She did. She was Skyler. We know what I did to her

16/Mar/18, 22:42
I can increase the number if you want

16/Mar/18, 22:53
I'm sure you've been begging people to kill me all night. You're like the Serpent in the tree trying to persuade poor Eve to take a bite out of the apple.

Only the spineless will conform to your agendas. Most of us know that you're a lunatic living in fear.

16/Mar/18, 22:56
Oh, and erm... Congratulations on ordering or killing the Car Jacker account.


16/Mar/18, 22:57
You been alive since the day you made your account..

But since your starting shit since your pussy-whipped by Ignatius. Your evil will fall upon your own head I don't fuck with innocents.


The women listen to me because they are attracted to me

The men listen to me because they have honour and are loyal

16/Mar/18, 23:02
Still trying to figure out what they are supposed to be attracted to :/

16/Mar/18, 23:03
I've been alive since the day I made my account... You're a genius.

I don't even know Ignatius.

Your next comment is absolutely hilarious (I'm almost crying).

What men? The 4 or 5 ones in your Crime Ring?

16/Mar/18, 23:06
Point is, I don't fuck with innocents. Only enemies and those that start shit

Defending someone you don't know. You are so dumb.


Also, Your forgetting those who died in battle
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