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 Original Post by: Balbossia 

21/Mar/18, 1:07
Should be able to survive more than 50K bullets with the current state of the game. Accounts needs hundreds of thousands of bullets to kill when the player base is 20-30 at most is absolutely ridiculous. Enough said. That is the only change we need. This game is dead because people can't be arsed spending 200-300 hours stacking bullets to kill some loser that will just play 15 hours a day to rank back up to the top in a few days. It's that simple. Thank you.

21/Mar/18, 1:09

21/Mar/18, 1:19
For real!

21/Mar/18, 6:03
First you cry for Khalesi's help to control me. (Like a weak beta bitch, unlucky for you nobody controls me)

Then you cry to others for help against me.(begging everyone)

Now you cry to Admin against me (getting desperate ).

The fear is strong with this oneRaging because I got you fucked upshut the fuck up.
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