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 Original Post by: WinterSoldier 

21/Mar/18, 18:27
Big Balls Bal turned into Small Balls Bal once he fucked with me. He was led astray by the evil women. I killed the bitches then he tried to be a hero but he was a powerless fuck.

I dominated that bitch then he raged and threatened to kill me but since he knows he weak compared to me and can't do shit, he retired.

'Balbossia's Profile:


Pussy whipped pussy can only rage with irl insults after getting fucked up.

All the women admiring my power and dominance, laughing at Small Balls Bal. Ignatius the gold digger realising Bal can't do shit for her. Khalesi laughing at Bal's pleas for help against me. She knows I dominate her. Got her on a leash, The Truth Part 2 aiding the Master.

Let the bitches lick em!

21/Mar/18, 21:48
A reply to Bal:

No. I speak this way out of abundance and detachment.That's the difference between us.

But what would you know? You are a desperate weak beta fuck. That's why you was led astray and punished by me for your evil
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