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 Original Post by: WinterSoldier 

3/Apr/18, 12:53

Kill me if they could, I'll never let 'em capture me,
Done lost too many niggas to this gangbangin,
Homies died in my arms, with his brains hangin', fucked up,
I had to tell him it was alright, and that's a lie,
And he knew it when he shook and died, my God,

Even though I know I'm wrong man,
I can't sleep so I stay up, don't wanna fuck them bitches,
Try to calm me down, I ain't givin' up,
Livin' every day, like I'm gon' die.

And now they got me trapped in the storm, I'm goin' crazy,
Forgive me; they wanna see me in my casket.
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