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 Original Post by: Chief 

5/Apr/18, 13:03
OK You guys have waited long enough and it's now time for us to work on and complete the next new feature here on Gangster Game so it's time for you to vote on what you want to see next.

Below are a list of new features, a short summary of how they work and a screenshot to let you see them.


The achievement feature will allow players the opportunity to collect bonus items from the game as they complete certain tasks and progress their character. The further you progress the better the bonus items become.

The blacksmiths feature will allow players to exchange those wonderful knifes, forks and spoons for bullets. Like the bullets feature itself, the metal to bullets ratio will vary depending on the city you are in at the time.

Bullet Factories
The bullet factories feature will allow crime rings to own a bullet factory in a city. Crime Rings who own a bullet factory will be responsible for making sure the factory is stocked with bullets and they will gain 100% of the profits from the factory. Players using the factory can take advantage of being able to purchase more bullets at ANY time without a limit on the number they purchase. Every city will have at least 2 bullet factories.

Donator Pack
The Donator Pack feature will allow players to exchange a DC for 1 item from the burglary list and 1 car. There is no chance set on each item so players really can get ANYTHING from the exchange.

Wheel of Fortune
The Wheel of Fortune feature will be added to the gambling section of the game and allow players to receive big and small prizes. There will be no punishments, just the good stuff

Voting is now open on the VOTD section. Please use your vote wisely and feel free to comment below.

The implementation times for each feature will be different but we will go with an average of 3 weeks to implement, test and release.

5/Apr/18, 13:17
I have very bad luck with slots, horse racing and scratch and win so ill vote for achievements

5/Apr/18, 14:00
But the main question is? Is there going to be another reset due to new feature ?

5/Apr/18, 14:02
No there will be no reset planned. The features listed should not interfere with current game play.

5/Apr/18, 14:04
Awesome to hear

5/Apr/18, 14:04
I like the bullet feature idea, But instead of crime rings. Players should be able to buy them at a certain prices
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