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 Original Post by: 1v1000 

9/May/18, 14:20
After my own empire betraying me and some shit 5 players all in line from gang leader to take down my only 4 month account lmao Even Cenzor had to donate out of his poor arse to provide bullets for only a 4 month account.

So I came back only to find these all fucking cowards have only done like 5 kills in a month which were on innocents in fear of me. They still terrified even when I am not playing.

Check this, the game died after I was gone and is only like 0-2 players online now when it was 7-10+ online when I was playing. There is only one active player right now. Rise-Against. Lmao Sorry, this shit is so funny, no life Rise playing a dead game 24/7. What the fuck.

Nobody even your own team want to play with all you boring, mundane, average trash The whole game asskissing each other like weak beta bitches and have only one Enemy, Me. Basically whole game vs One Strong Alpha Male.

Killing innocents in fear of me. Won't even let anyone rank on a dead game. The game is 0-2 players online and they still killing innocents in fear.

Fucking weak tyrants. Come for me, The Real Man, I'm here motherfuckers. Killing innocents in fear, I'm here, don't kill them, fuck with me.

Killing innocents like weak bitches, at least all my kills were on enemies, I killed no innocent, I never fucked with anyone that didn't have it coming to em', bunch of cowardly fucks in fear of me with no honour.

All you pussies killed the game yet again. I lifted it up again and again with my great leadership and skill. But all you fucks even my own empire who betrayed me got shook.

Now you have a dead game.
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