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 Original Post by: 1v1000 

9/May/18, 16:01

I ain't got no motherfuckin' friends Rise,
That's why you got rejected you no life motherfucker,

First off, fuck Elena and HeroesOfWars you claim,
Freedom when we ride, come equipped with game,
You claim to be players, but I fucked your wives,
We bust on Bad Boys, niggas fucked for life,
Plus Worm tryna see me weak cuz he a weak sal and stewie slave sucking their dick,
Stewie and Rise is some weakass bitches,
Both were hiding and came out after I died,

We keep on comin' while we runnin' for your jewels,
Steady gunnin', keep on bustin' at them fools, you know the rules,
Bunny, go ask your homie Snitter how I'll leave ya,
Cut your young-ass up, leave you in pieces, now be deceased,
Lunatic you dumb stewie slave, don't fuck around with real G's,
Quick to snatch your dumbass off the streets, so fuck peace,
I'll let them niggas know it's on for life,
Don't let Slimz ride tonight,
Get murdered on wax and killed,
Fuck with me and get yo' caps peeled, you know,

Grab your Glocks when you see Slimz,
Call the cops when you see Slimz,
Who shot me? But you punks was too late,
You already felt the wrath of a menace,
Nigga, I hit 'em up!

Peep how we do it, keep it real as penitentiary steel,
This ain't no freestyle battle, all you niggas got killed
With your mouths open,
Tryna come up off of me, you in the clouds hopin'
Boxing dope, it's like a sherm high,

Niggas think they learned to fly,
But they burned, motherfucker, you deserved to die,
Talking about you getting money,
But it's funny to me,
All you niggas livin bummy,
Why you fucking with me?
I'm a self made Millionaire,
Thug living out of GG, Boxing Gloves in the air,

Rise, Remember when I was there for you when Khalesi killed you?
Khalesi rejected you because you couldn't control your desires,
and Robot shanked Stewie like Mike Myers,
Now it's all about your envy,
You copied my style,
Now I'm back to speak the truth that is straight,
With my AK, I'm still the thug you love to hate,
Motherfucker I hit em up!
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