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 Original Post by: No_Lacking3 

11/May/18, 22:33

Real top asskissers here gents,They will asskiss you,Rank to top and have a teaparty while complaining that GG dead.Lol they will sit there training Bgs till the end of the round if they have to.Wait for new rankers and kill them just because they to pussy to lose their acc. by killing eachother.If Slimz is the only enemy you gt then ya'll retarded as fuck.The game died because the amount of asskissing is beyond belief i mean if your expecting me to rank to the top alone to take a shot at each and every asskisser up there lol this round might aswel be reseted.

11/May/18, 22:37
They are shit timid players who haven't done fuck all on here Done the most on here while I'm most busy irl

1v1000 motherfuckers.

I'm still here spitting on all you motherfuckers while surrounded

11/May/18, 22:44
Lol fck this i gt shit to do irl.Rip GG

11/May/18, 22:45
Wonder how you can have an opinion without speaking ever to me Lacking

11/May/18, 22:48
Yes very busy RL lmao

11/May/18, 22:53
Belief? Beef?

12/May/18, 23:08
You should add learning to read and write to the list of things you've got to do IRL. I can barely read what you've typed out. Maybe it was just the ire seeping through that caused you to smash your keyboard instead of tapping each key individually?

Killing anyone that ranked up is exactly what you and that idiot Slimz were doing. You're just a salty hypocrite.

One more thing... Salty Slimz the loser got wrecked... Looks like his evil was upon his own head.
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