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 Original Post by: Fighter 

21/May/18, 12:44

Motherfucker we hit em up!

Elena aka Ignatius thought she was safe but her evil fell upon her own head by her own crew. She thought she could play a dead game in peace then rise RKOs that dumb bitch

Bunny the weak bitch first becomes sals bitch then machs bitch then stewies bitch then rise kills him lmao boy been killed over and over this round poor fucker

Skytalle the new player with no honour. Betrayed my empire and gave cr to the enemies. Look at you now you stupid fuck. Game died, as with my enemies and their new ring and your in the fucking graveyard by your own crew. Karma motherfucker!


21/May/18, 12:45
Motherfucker we hit em up!
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