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 Original Post by: Fighter 

21/May/18, 13:30

21/May/18, 13:55
The King of GG Slimz revived and saved GG.

He led GG to glory leaving over 60 deaths of his enemies using his only 4 months account.

The game was 7-10+ players online.

Everyone was having a good time, even my enemies, who only died repeatedly.

We was raving, we was having a party, we was joking, laughing, enjoying ourselves. Even my enemies too although they just kept dying.

But the whole of GG smelled the presence of an Alpha Male and my God, what a beautiful smell he was emitting! They got Shook over Slimz because he was Alpha. His Glory was too much.

His Empire decided to betray the one who saved GG, who saved them, who loved them, who cried for them, who fed them, who kissed them, who f... okay too far My Kindness and benefit was unmatched. I loved too hard yet they betrayed me (Respect to Savage (Stelios)+Sion for not betraying, love you both)

With the help of whole of GG, they killed his only 4 month account (Poor Cenzor had to donate out of his arse to provide bullets)

Then Whole of GG had a tea party, doing fuck all for months. Only like 5 kills in a whole month which were on innocents in fear of me when I wasn't even playing lmao wtf

They so retarded they even killing each other now and dunno what they doing lmao

Now the game is completely dead.

Only 2 players are high rank, a Hitman and BTL. Worm and Rise.

I brought GG to life but after getting betrayed and there was no leader to lead GG after me since my enemies are retarded, the game died and now only it's 0-2 players online instead of 7-10+ online and what went from many playing GG now only 2 players playing.

The game needs a well announced reset.

Not because of me. I never played this round when it died. I did what I needed to do, 8 kills from BTL and leaving over 60 deaths in only 4 months then game died after I got betrayed, so I didn't waste my time.

Game needs a well announced reset and try get everyone back.

Then once it's resetted. Everyone should follow me and we will Lead GG to Glory and it will be alive again.

You know my enemies are retarded as fuck. Even killing each other cuz they dunno what they doing.

21/May/18, 15:15
How can you call anyone retarded? You might be the dumbest person I've ever met (and I've met a lot of idiots).
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