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 Original Post by: Fighter 

21/May/18, 15:43
After I got that boy killed and put his arse in retirement (he betrayed Great Slimz as he was pussywhipped by Elena) he is still salty and raging Forums, private messages, skype, text, calls, face to face meetings. Boy salty

He even messaged my girl -jess- and tried to impress her she sent me his pathetic salty message of him complaining about me

Them tears,
Let him lick em!

21/May/18, 15:57
Don't have Skype. Don't have a mobile phone. Only messaged Jess once saying Slimz got wrecked.

You need to stop bragging about all the women you have. It's pathetic. You sound like a 15 year old (a stupid one at that). The only girlfriend I remember you having was fucking another guy behind your back. You're the biggest cuck on GG. Please shut up.

21/May/18, 16:00

21/May/18, 16:05
You raging on skype, text, calls, face to face meetings was a joke.

Cant blame you for not having a mobile. Nobody wants to talk to you anyway.

21/May/18, 16:06
Yet here you are. The biggest joke on GG.

21/May/18, 16:08
We're done anyway. You're not even funny anyone. You're just a sad joke.

21/May/18, 16:08

21/May/18, 18:43
You're not even funny anyone.
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