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 Original Post by: Fighter 

23/May/18, 1:30

23/May/18, 1:34
Not only did he betray Great Slimz as he was seduced by Elena through a computer screen.

He is now raging against Jess. her only crime was preferring a Real Man over him.

He sent her disrespect points in rage after she preferred a real man and sent me his messageshehe

Them tears,
Let him lick em!

23/May/18, 2:11
I'm not even interested in any females on here. I talk to Elena because she's decent to talk with (unlike yourself). I already have a girlfriend. I'm actually getting married later this year.

Real man? Hahahahahahahahaha

That's hilarious. You're still a boy. A pathetic one at that.

Thanks for the laugh though. I'm almost in tears at how funny that is.

I never betrayed you either. I was never one of your cunts. I only helped you last version because I wanted to kill Potlicker and I only offered to help you against Angel-X because I don't like her. It's really that simple. Why would I ever join your Crime Ring and actually try to play seriously? You have absolutely no leadership skills, garner no respect and are the biggest embarrassment GG has ever seen.

Get to bed Slimz! You need the sleep.

23/May/18, 2:13
Also like every Crime Ring you've ever made had like 5 members at its peak. You're a loser. There's nothing else to say.

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