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 Original Post by: Shine_Bright 

23/May/18, 2:06
At how that loser (Slimz) got his entire life's accomplishments shattered once again?

It still makes me laugh.

Slimz got wrecked... again

Loseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! Hahahahahaha

Spends 20 hours a day on a game since the reset... Still gets cunted.

Well, what can you expect? He was a bum back when people actually played and he's still a bum now.

Awaiting Slimz's 15 year old response down below.

23/May/18, 2:20
I achieved everything i wanted and more than all my enemies together this round. I could rank to BTL right now but the game is dead with only 1 btl and 1 hitman
I clearly won I just dont believe in playing a dead game, no glory for me so no point. I played when game was alive and wrecked the fuck out of everyone even you

Took whole game and my own empire to betray me to take my only 4 month account down like a fucking legend and still took 2 fucks with me too.

5 kills from BTL
3 backfire kills from BTL
8 total kills and behind over 60 deaths leaving many enemies quitting only in 4 months.

Then game died after me because my enemies could not lead and are retarded. Even started killing each other like retards.

I got the last laugh and happy what I did

All my enemies and traitors are dead. Only 1 BTL and hitman playing this dead game, rise remains who is punishing himself by playing a dead game 24/7 by himself

23/May/18, 2:29
The game was already dead because you did anything.

Nobody was playing and when Stewie and the others started playing you got wrecked.

You never wrecked me at all. You had some moron suicide one of my low ranked accounts (I've not even bothered ranking past Fraudster this version) and what happened to him? He died in backfire and was repeat killed until he quit. Well done kid.

You've accomplished nothing. You'll never have the last laugh because everyone that hears your name will forever be laughing. They say Slimz and I start laughing.

I'm going to bed. You enjoy sitting here talking trash with your other illiterate rodents.

Isn't it Rise 3 Slimz 0?

Angel-x wrecked you.

Stewie Wrecked you.

Everyone back in the day wrecked you.

Now you're just a pair of lips with no mind.

23/May/18, 2:39
Stop talking shit in rage of being wrecked by a real man

Nobody wrecked me except my own empire with aid of whole of GG

Just these pussies like to big themselves as they feel insecure compared to me. Hence why they act like they did something alone while it took my own empire and whole of GG vs a half effort 4 month account.

All my other deaths were admin deaths.

People just like talk shit to look better than me as they feel I am superior.

Also about Stewie? All he did this round was talk shit and died while I got that pussy repeatedly killed this round.
You out of everyone should know that eh

23/May/18, 2:41
Nobody wrecked me except my own empire with aid of whole of GG.

Stop talking shit cuz My Greatness shines a dullness to your life.

23/May/18, 2:45
Also about my girl Khalesi.

She never wrecked me or killed me once.

Meanwhile, I seduced her to kill you and we used the excuse that you talked shit to her on forum. You got wrecked man.

Meanwhile I was pushing it and pretty sure Sal was too because me and him and Khalesi was in a group talking about your Incoming death

Them tears,
Let him lick em!

23/May/18, 3:10
I've got 7 kills in only 2 months lol fucking only 4 months lol you dickhead

23/May/18, 3:17
You killed your own crew in fear of dying you fucking idiot.

Shut the fuck up.

You not impressing anyone with your evil.

I know you killed my enemies but I know you did it in fear of death so you can waste months training bgs on a dead game you fucking pussy.

Killing your own crew, I mean that is fucked up. Thanks though. I appreciate you killing my enemies.

23/May/18, 3:21
All my kills were on enemies, from BTL.

3 backfire kills too.

You killed your own crew who did not fight back or have a chance to. But that is what they get trusting a cowardly pussy.

Now fuck off no wonder me and Khalesi have you forever blocked on Kik. Fucking pussy.

23/May/18, 3:25
Lol I hit a Nerve

23/May/18, 3:27
You wasted 4 months on a dead game to shoot at 5 people stop talking dumbass lol

23/May/18, 3:28
It died after I was gone because my enemies could not lead and retarded actually.

Over 60 deaths when I was playing. That is far from a dead game.

Now shut the fuck up. I have no desire to talk to you.

23/May/18, 3:28
Are retarded*

23/May/18, 3:30
So over 50 accounts you were scared of and had to get killed? Lol As soon as decent people actually played you died without doing shit

23/May/18, 3:49
They were all enemies you fucking idiot you are so retarded I swear, that is why people do not like talking to you.

Decent players? All of you are fucking trash and you pussies repeatedly killed before my empire and whole of GG turned against me

Now shut the fuck up.

I have no desire to talk to a dumb pussy.

23/May/18, 7:48
If we're trash you're in trouble lol

23/May/18, 13:14
Be careful how much further people take this I have just banned slimz. Don't get banned yourself
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