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 Original Post by: Fighter 

23/May/18, 2:30
Because I am too Alpha.

Although I am the Most Trustworthy unlike Rise who kills his own crew in fear of death, people are afraid and go weak of a Strong Male who is willing to do anything for the Greater Good.

23/May/18, 2:45
If you don't kill you're ass kissing and killing the game.. If you do kill you're scared lol love it.. Wasn't my crew.. just a bunch of noobs not wanting to die

23/May/18, 2:53
They were in your crew so they were.

You are so dumb..

Now stop talking, I have no interest to talk to a dumb fucker.

23/May/18, 2:56
You should stop talking to yourself then.

23/May/18, 2:58
I dont know I am speaking out for my enemies who were killed.

So this is what I am going to do.

Fuck Rise and fuck my enemies who he killed.

I dont give a shit

23/May/18, 3:01
I dont know why*

23/May/18, 3:03
Dafuk u talkin.....pretty sure people kill you cause u talk too much and are annoying as fuck. WoRm

23/May/18, 3:05
What you on about mate

24/May/18, 22:00
Rise begged for money
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