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 Original Post by: -jess- 

24/May/18, 0:31
King Slimz is banned forever

If anyone wants to contact him

Hit him up on Kik: SoldierOfGod10
Just doing a favor

24/May/18, 3:53
Fuck slimz...bout time the fuck stick got a permaband

24/May/18, 4:17
Why would anyone want to talk to that loser? L0L


24/May/18, 4:21
He's also a commoner like the rest of us cunts. He will never be a king (maybe in his own deluded mind).

Slimz got wrecked... Again

24/May/18, 18:43
Poor slimz ... He's probably cutting his wrists rn

24/May/18, 20:35
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