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 Original Post by: Skitso 

4/Oct/18, 14:22
Hello everyone Im new to this game and any tips or guidance much appreciated.
Game looks to have a low population of active players but I'll give the game a good try, I've played similar games for over a decade, a good team player always active, online too much lol but if a game grabs me it gets me lol

16/Oct/18, 14:48
Well I'm still here games quite cool many different elements to the game plenty to keep busy with, not a difficult game to learn your way around.
To all new players joining and starting out, persevere and you will rise with higher payouts from crimes has you rise in ranks, the roulette wheel ain't my friend today I lost 2mil but I've had better days where I have won some nice amounts just gotta be daring, red/black 50/50 flip of a coin

26/Oct/18, 23:41
RIP DonFario nd Recon so brutal is YOLO reincarnation brothers
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