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 Original Post by: BlackOut 

12/Jan/19, 0:45
GG has died once again. When are you going to start fixing this around here chief.

12/Jan/19, 19:27
Is a shame

16/Jan/19, 8:36
It is a shame. You think with paul back he would do something to bring it back to active like the good old days.

13/Feb/19, 9:44
It's easy to blame the admin team for the game dying but in reality the game has more features than "the good old days" had and it's infact the players that don't make the game interesting for themselves.

I could throw a million new features at this game but until players start to use them correctly there's absolutely no point.

Yes, I can reset but how long will it be before the players complain again that the game is boring and too top heavy?

Should there maybe be a fixed period reset?
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