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 RIP: WinterSoldier 
Grim Reaper
5/Apr/18, 9:09
Sadly, Wintersoldier has been killed in action. You can pay your last respects below.

In memoriam WinterSoldier.

5/Apr/18, 9:09

5/Apr/18, 9:18
See what happens when people actually play

5/Apr/18, 9:34
Cya slimz

5/Apr/18, 13:30
Rest in pieces

5/Apr/18, 16:23
RIP brother. holla when u come back

5/Apr/18, 17:43
So it goes...

6/Apr/18, 22:05
Your evil upon your own head.

Cya kid

9/May/18, 14:59

9/May/18, 15:04
WinterSoldier v2 [v1 adminkilled after dominating] you legendary victorious one man army beast

Greatest player, legend, leader, one man army ever. Took whole game and my own empire to betray me to take my only 4 month account down like a fucking legend and still took 2 fucks with me too

5 kills from BTL
3 backfire kills from BTL
8 total kills and behind over 60 deaths leaving many enemies quitting only in 4 months

My cowardly enemies haven't done anything worthy because they have no balls and hide then jump a loner when whole game is against him even people because they were afraid of a Strong Alpha Male 1v1000

Try do what I did bitches, wait you can't because all of my enemies are traitors are fucking shit players All are bunch of pussies asskissing each other like pussies. It's literally nearly all of GG vs me because they know I'm better than them all.

They can only fuck with one Man when whole game is against him because they have no balls, all of em even those who betrayed me

Skytalle has no honour. Left him in charge and the pussy gets scared and gives cr to the enemy and becomes their bitch lmao Real players would prefer death over that shit new player turned into a fucking pussy when war came

9/May/18, 15:05
Even his people*
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