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Smuggle your way round the world

Did you ever want to get paid to travel?

With smuggling you can!

Each time you travel, you have the option to smuggle various illegal substances with you.

Visit the smuggling den where you can buy:

  -  Cocaine
  -  Weed
  -  Opium
  -  Heroin
  -  Morphine
  -  Pirate DVD's
  -  Cigarettes

Exact prices vary between each city, this means you should buy while prices are low in a city, then travel to a place where prices are high, and then sell for a nice profit.

The following 8 cities are available:

  -  London
  -  New York
  -  Sydney
  -  Berlin
  -  Los Angeles
  -  Tokyo
  -  Rio de Janeiro
  -  Moscow

While we do not tell you what the prices are in each and every city, you may wish to form smuggling rings with other gangsters, that way you can monitor prices in each and every city between you.

Beware, smuggling is a federal crime, and if you get caught, you'll find yourself in jail!

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