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Mafia Directory -> User Profile for: Esio_Trot

Gangster does not have a Picture
User:       Esio_Trot
Current Rank:       Criminal
Respect Points:       150
Current Status:       Alive
Start Date:       March 6, 2019, 7:18 pm
Gender:       Male
Crime Ring:       None
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 Esio_Trot's Profile:
Being a long term sufferer of chronic insomnia awake and alert upto 21hrs a day any who cross me and my enemies should sleep, always! with one eye open!

That being said a brother like no other, right time, right place, right gear, right attitude.

Everyone is a brother in my eyes until they wrong me or my brothers.

Respect and trust is a two way process built on over time

Hit me up

lets get started
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